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Wireless Live Access To Alarm SQL For Field Technicians with iPad / Android / Kindle Fire / Windows 7 / Touchscreen Devices

Mobile Field Service System Powerful field service software accesses vital Alarm SQL customer data wirelessly.
Now with Signature Capture and GPS Logging.

TechWeb is an essential tool for any business involved with field service. Designed for field technicians or anyone requiring live access to customer data wirelessly, TechWeb provides the freedom of mobile access to your Alarm SQL data via any touchscreen tablet device with a web browser.

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Whether used on the impressive iPad or other touchscreen tablets, TechWeb is designed for fast access to customer history, installed equipment, zone list, emergency contact lists, alarm signal history, service history, inventory, rolodex, support records, and more. Even laptop/netbooks, PC and Mac computers can be used if they have internet connection - perfect for the home office or work-at-home staff members. With built-in security levels to control access by each user, TechWeb is a vital resource for anyone in your business that needs wireless access to customer data anytime, anywhere.

TechWeb was designed from the ground up to be compatible with a wide variety of mobile devices rather than be restricted to use on just one type of device. With 'style sheets' included for the most popular screen formats (additional screen format style sheets provided if needed at no additional charge), TechWeb is extremely flexible to meet the specific needs of your mobile workforce.


The Wealth Of Alarm SQL Data In Your Hand

TechWeb places the vast majority of your customer data into the palm of your hand - anywhere. Live wireless access to view or add/modify (based upon user security levels) many of Alarm SQL's areas including:

Customer Section

- Customer List (sort/search by Name, Account Number, Phone Number, Contact Name)
- Main Customer Data (Name, address, phones, contacts, email, restrictions, etc.)
- Customer User-Definable Fields
- Recurring Charges
- Customer Documents
- Contract Types
- Googlemaps Link
- Insurance Certificate/Sensors Information
- Service History
- Support List
- Invoice History (view only) including Invoice Details and Payments. Email invoice capable.
- Installed Equipment List
- Emergency Contact and User Access List
- Installed Zones List
- Alarm Signal Event History
- Site Directions and Special Service Instructions
- Central Stations List

Service Ticket Section

- Service Ticket List (sort/search by appointment date, tech, category, ticket number)
- Service Ticket Data (dates, times, service requested, service performed, notes, etc.)
- Googlemaps Integration
- Allow Tech Access To Only Their Scheduled Service Tickets
- Timecards Section (Tech, Start Time, End Time, Labor Category, Overtime, Travel, Rate Codes)
- GPS Logging Of Technician Location When Timecards Filled Out
- Installed/Serviced Items Section
- Inventory Stock Adjustments By Location (if enabled)
- Automatic Materials and Labor Calculations (if enabled)
- Billable charge area
- Payment Accepted Indicators For Cash/Check/Credit Card
- Client Signature Capture and GPS Logging of Location Where Client Signed
- Email client copy of ticket

Appointment Calendar Section

- Daily Appointment List and Appointment Details

Support Section

- Support List (sort/search by date, customer name, tech)
- Support Data (date, time, length of call, priority, disposition, tech, notes)
- Schedule Follow-Up Appointments

Rolodex Section

- Rolodex List (sort/search by company, contact, phone)
- Rolodex Data (name, company, address, phones, email, comments)

Inventory Section

- Inventory List (sort/search by Part Id, description, Manufacturer Code, Category)
- Inventory Data (part id, description, category, sub category, warranty, price levels, vendor, stock status, kits,)
- Inventory By Location
- Perform Physical Inventory By Location
- Inventory Documents (user manuals, data sheets, installation manuals, etc.)
- Purchase Orders with email capabilities
- Vendor List

KnowledgeBase Section

- KnowledgeBase List (sort/search by Description ID)
- Detailed KnowledgeBase Notes


- Mapping (authorized management only) shows locations of techs by timecard completion as well as client signature capture

Above sections have access rights based upon security level per user. Each section may be granted/denied access.


TechWeb is available with flexible pricing plans to fit the budget of every security dealer. License includes usage for an unlimited number of users in your company. Requires Alarm SQL and sufficient SQL seat availability (typically 1 SQL seat is enough for most environments but may require additional seats during high usage times with many multiple technicians).

Software Description Price
TechWeb One-Time Full License Purchase
(Rrequires maintaining an Annual Z-Micro Technologies Support Contract). Price based upon current Alarm license level
$699 - $3999

We accept VISA, MASTER CARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS and DISCOVER credit and debit cards.

Call Us Today! 1-877-864-5010.


Screens and features subject to change prior to release.

TechWeb Download Center
Resources to assist with your evaluation


TechWeb Live Online Demo


Video 1 - Introduction and Customer Profiles


Video 2 - Customer Emergency Contacts, Zones, etc.


Video 3 - Customer Account History


Video 4 - Inventory


Video 5 - Rolodex/Vendors/Centrals/Knowledgebase


Video 6 - Appointment Calendar


Video 7 - Service Management Segment 1


Video 8 - Service Management Segment 2


Video 9 - Security Settings

(For best viewing of videos, select 720p/full screen in Youtube)



TechWeb HighlightsTop Things To Know About TechWeb

  • One touch access to customer data from any touchscreen mobile device. Fast over wi-fi or 3G!
  • Supports iPad, Android Tablets, Mobile 7 Phones, Laptop and Netbooks, PC and Mac platforms plus any device with standard web browser capabilities and built-in cellular or wi-fi.
  • View Only or Add/Modify/View access permission on most areas - based upon user security levels.
  • Technicians have access to daily service and installation orders with ability to enter work performed, timecards for hours worked and more.
  • Signature Capture of clients' signature eliminates paperwork and retains signature on file for authorization proof
  • GPS Coordinates Logs Physical Location Where Client Signed Off On Work (along with date/time/IP address)
  • GPS Coordinates Logs Physical Location Where Technician Filled Out Timecards For Job
  • Sort lists by touching column to sort by
  • Locate customers by name, account, phone, contact name
  • Tap on phone numbers on list to dial out immediately

  • Tap on email address on lists to send out emai

  • Customizable 'style sheets' allows modification of font style, colors, backgrounds, navigation icons and more.

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