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Within minutes you and your sales team can produce professional proposals that will outclass and outshine your competition. Now with style sheets, you can choose the look that is right for you - Classic, Modern, or a simple straightward look. Pursuit is not your ordinary quote system - it is a powerful sales tool that coordinates your sales efforts and puts more time back into your busy schedule.

If you are taking more than 5 minutes to create a proposal, then you are taking 4 minutes too long. Once you have Pursuit setup with your company requirements and inventory (which is shared within the Alarm database), proposals can be created by a sales person within a minute.

Pursuit also shares vital data with our Alarm software, producing purchase orders, service tickets and invoices directly from your proposal. When integrated, they provide a powerful CRM system for your entire company. Pursuit will wow your prospects and leave your competition far behind.

Pursuit 7 is a powerful sales tool that coordinates your sales efforts and puts more time back into your busy schedule. With the included ProSync feature, each salesrep can have Pursuit 7 installed on their own laptop and generate proposals while out in the field. Then remotely merge their proposals and contacts into the master Proposal database back in your office. True mobility for your sales team while maintaining one cohesive proposal database for management.

Proposal Writer
Contact Management
Pursuit 7 Features

  • Unlimited Prospect Database

  • Unlimited Proposals

  • Rich Text Editor (RTF) For Superior Typeface ControlUnlimited Proposals/li>
  • One Touch Emailing Of Proposals (attached PDF)

  • ProSync Replicator provides powerful synchronizing between individual computers and laptops used by your sales team out in the field. Synchronize over your local area network or via the internet!

  • Attach unlimited PDF documents to each proposal. Perfect for including sales brochures, data sheets, product images, etc. for a dynamic sales presentation.

  • Create personalized contracts with merged prospect data within seconds and include with your proposal. Perfect for attached monitoring and service contracts to your quotes.

  • Multiple proposal style sheets to choose from - Classic, Modern or Simple

  • Print product photos under each item or on a separate page.

  • Long descriptions on proposed items supported - all in Rich Text Format

  • Financial Screen shows immediate profit margin on job as proposed items are added to proposal

  • Markup margin calculated on cost or price basis

  • Overview and Closing pages can be included

  • Subtotal option on proposed items (by category or location of installation)

  • Optional Items section for cross-selling opportunities

  • Extensive Prospect and Proposal database search capability with Query-By-Example feature

  • Import Microsoft Word RTF documents directly into overview or closing pages

  • Convenient Multi-Pick Inventory list feature for fast item selections

  • Multi-Price Inventory support

  • Job costing information

  • Create new proposals from 'templates' of existing proposals

  • Create purchase orders directly from proposal (requires Alarm)

  • Create installation service ticket directly from proposal (requires Alarm)

  • Create invoice directly from proposal (requires Alar)

  • Export prospects/inventory/proposed equipment to XML for import to Excel

  • Letter writer in mail merge supports RTF formatting for rich text

  • Label maker in mail merge supports user-definable label formats

  • Display list of all users logged into Pursuit

  • Copy/Paste excel spreadsheet cells into overview or closing pages

  • Unlimited cost factors per proposal for accurate job costing

  • User-configurable wallpaper background on Pursuit screen

  • Import name and addresses into Prospect database

  • Import name and addresses into rolodex database

  • Export email addresses in mail merge for e-marketing

  • Job cost report reflects all proposal cost factors

  • Catalog/View documents related to Prospect (PDF, Word, etc.)

  • Catalog/View documents related to inventory (PDF, Word, etc.)

  • Re-order columns on prospect/proposal/inventory screen to personalize view of data

  • Resizable window lists can conform to user screen resolution

  • Spell Checker built into proposal writing section

  • GoogleMap links to instantly map the location AND directions to a prospect

  • Favorite Item feature shows only items marked as favorites in inventory.

  • ...and much more

    System Requirements

    Server Recommendations

    Computer: 2 Ghz or Faster
    Memory: 1 GB RAM (2GB RAM or higher recommended)
    Disk Space: 10 GB Hard Drive Space
    Operating System: Windows XP (Pro or Home) Windows 2000, Windows 2003 Server, Vista, Windows 7

    Workstation Recommendations

    Computer: 1 Ghz or Faster
    Memory: 512 MB RAM (or minimum requirements for OS)
    Disk Space: 200 MB Hard Drive Space
    Operating System: Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP (Pro or Home), Windows 2003 Server , Vista, Windows 7


    Pursuit 7 is sold with an unlimited license for one purchasing company, with no additional fees for network or per-user use. Pursuit uses one Alarm SQL seat per connection.


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    Software Version Description

    Pursuit 7 Standalone

    Unlimited Accounts


    Pursuit 7 when purchased with Alarm 7

    Unlimited Accounts




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  • Each member of your sales team can run Pursuit 7 on their laptop and later merge their proposal to your master database - remotely!

  • Extensive proposals can be created in under 5 minutes using templates of similar 'master' proposals you have previously created

  • Attach product data sheets, product images, brochures or any number of PDF documents to each proposal easily

  • Pursuit tightly integrates with Alarm, sharing similar files such as inventory, and creates invoice from proposal and service scheduling within seconds.

  • Master Contract feature makes printing and personalizing service and monitoring contracts a snap for each proposal

  • Create and email proposals while at prospect job site within minutes directly to prospects email address

  • Track performance of each salesrep including closing ratios

  • Easily transfer one salesrep accounts and history to another salesrep

  • Proposed Items can be sorted on proposal by type of item or install room location and subtotaled within each category

  • Optional items to sell can be listed separately on proposal and then added to main proposal and recalculated with one click

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