Alarm 7 SQL

The most advanced office management software available for the security industry

Comprehensive Customer Resource Management System Customer Database | Billing | Service Management | Scheduling | Inventory Control | Customer Relations


From the moment you start Alarm 7 SQL, you will be working faster and more efficiently than ever before! The elegant graphical interface of our popular Alarm 7 SQL makes the job of managing your customer accounts a snap.

Through the integration of billing, service management, purchase orders, support call tracking, inventory control, and much more; Alarm 7 SQL creates a tightly integrated, multi-user CRM (Customer Resource Management) system that will improve the performance of virtually every member of your organization while at the same time ensuring each user only accesses authorized areas with Alarm's extensive security levels.

Alarm 7 SQL centers upon a user-friendly and intutive interface, which adapts to your company's needs for both the present and into the future.

Alarm Billing
Alarm 7 SQL Benefits

  • Designed Specifically To Address The Billing & Servicing Requirements
    Of Security Professional
  • eInvoice feature allows you to e-mail recurring invoices to customers
    directly, cutting down your mailing costs and saving time.
  • Open Multiple Screens Simultaneously

    With ALARM's multi-thread feature, you can use the taskbar to open
    several accounts or sections at one time and switch between them
    instantly. No longer do you need to waste time exiting out of one section
    of a program to go into another.

  • Multiple Sort Views

    Our sort tab control feature lets you change the sort of many displayed
    lists by simply pressing the tab icon.

  • Attractive Reports & Invoices

    Why settle for plain reports and invoices? With ALARM, we utilize
    windows built-in true type fonts for professional-looking reports and
    invoices in black and white OR color. You can even FAX your invoices,
    service tickets, or any correspondence through your faxboard with one
    simple mouse click!

  • Fast Performance

    With SQL database technology, ALARM processes information

  • Simple Customer Account Lookups Including Invoice And Service
  • Comprehensive Unlimited Recurring Invoicing Performed Effortlessly
  • Increase Service Revenue With ALARM's 50 Year Appointment
    Calendar & Recurring Service Reminders
  • Network-Ready For Improved Staff Productivity
  • Used By Thousands Of Security Professionals Nationwide

System Requirements

Server Recommendations

Computer: 2 Ghz or Faster
Memory: 1 GB RAM (2GB RAM or higher recommended)
Disk Space: 10 GB Hard Drive Space
Operating System: Windows XP (Pro or Home) Windows 2000, Windows 2003/2008/2012,2016 Server, Vista, Windows 7/8, Windows 10

Workstation Recommendations

Computer: 1 Ghz or Faster
Memory: 512 MB RAM (or minimum requirements for OS)
Disk Space: 200 MB Hard Drive Space
Operating System: Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP (Pro or Home), Windows 2003/2008/2012,2016 Server, Vista, Windows 7/8, Windows 10


Customer Information

  • Easy access to customer's information
  • User-Definable Fields
  • Invoice And Payment History Lookup
  • Credit History Lookup
  • Central Station Account Sort
  • Service History Lookup
  • Subscriber Information Including:
    • Zone List
    • Notification/Emergency List
    • Detailed Equipment Installed List
    • Recurring Service Reminders
    • Conversations Log
    • Correspondences Log
    • Alarm Incident Log
  • Unlimited Recurring Charges Per Account (Recurring Charges May Be Billed On Different Or Same Billing Cycles)
  • Account Lookups By:
    • Account Name (Partial Or Full Name Search)
    • Primary Account Number
    • Central Station Account Number
    • Unlimited Additional Account Numbers (ie: Radio Backup, Panel 2, etc.)
    • Contact Name
    • Email Address
    • Zip Code
    • City
    • Telephone Number
    • Invoice Number
    • Purchase Order Number
    • Master Account Number (For Dealer/SubAccount Linked Accounts)
    • Street Address (Partial Or Full Address Search)
    • 30 Additional Lookup Conditionals Available In Mail Merge/Inquiry Section
  • Notepad Section
  • Document Images List For Viewing Customer-Related
  • GoogleMaps integration for client location mapping and directions
  • Unlimited account numbers can be referenced per account
  • Unlimited contract tracking capabilities (expiration date, type, amount, etc.)
  • User-Definable Phone Labels per phone number (ie: Premise, Home, Work, etc.)
  • Outlook Integration to export customer contacts, rolodex, vendors to Outlook (Outlook is used by many mobile devices to synchronize contact information)

Service Management:

  • 50 Year Appointment Calendar
  • Recurring Service Reminders Automatically Scheduled On Appointment Calendar
  • Service Reminders 'Extension' Feature to Extend Expiring Reminders to a New Future Date
  • Print Appointment Schedule By Date Range/Technician/Geographic Area/Type Of Service/etc.
  • Multiple Date Range Per Job Supported For Long Term Service Scheduling
  • Sort Appointments By Technician, Type Of Service, Time Of Day
  • View Technician's Schedules In Bar Graph Format
  • Printed Service Tickets Include:
    • Equipment Installed List Including Date Of Installation, Warranty Period, Location Of Installation
    • Zone List
    • Service Description Requested And Performed Areas
    • Service Contract Status (Expired, Active, Expiration Date, Type Of Contract)
    • Expanded Service Notes Page Option For Large Descriptions Of Service Work Performed
  • Invoice Directly From Service Ticket Area
  • Copy Service Date along with Service Performed Text to Invoice
  • Technician Time Cards / Scheduling
  • Current Dispatch Status - By Technician
  • Automatic "Closed" Date Default on Closing Service Tickets
  • Parts Repaired List (Integrates With Inventory Tracking)
  • Service Reminder Letters And Postcards In Mail Merge Area
  • Outlook integration to export appointment calendar to Outlook calendar
  • Create service and/or monitoring contracts and attach to any service or installation ticket including merge capabilities to personalize contract upon printing/emailing.
  • eInvoice - Send Recurring Invoices to Customer's E-Mail Inbox
  • Individual And Batch Printing
  • Review/Modify Invoices AFTER Print (This feature may be turned off in security administration area)
  • Invoice Detail History Remains On File Indefinitely (Archive/Purge Function Will Be Supported)
  • Both Plain Paper And Preprinted Invoice Forms Supported (Color Inkjet Printing Also Supported)
  • Post Payments Directly From Invoice Screen Or From Post Payment Section
  • Credits And Write-offs Automatically Calculated During Payment Posting
  • Copy feature to copy existing invoice to another account
  • Create service and/or monitoring contracts and attach to any printed invoice including merge capabilities to personalize contract.
  • Detailed item descriptions (including font typeface, size, color and other attributes definable by end-user)
  • Unlimited price levels per item in inventory
  • Hide cost fields based upon user security profile
Recurring Invoices:
  • Unlimited recurring charges per customer
  • Includes Past Due Items On Invoice
    (No need to run individual statements unless desired)
  • Prints Billing Period Date Range On Invoice
  • Long Description Lines Supported
  • Sort Invoices By Name, Account Number Of Zip Code (for bulk mailing)
  • Prorating Supported
  • Multi-Account (Dealer) Billing Supported - Allows Multiple Accounts To Be Billed To A Master Account
  • Unlimited Detail Lines Per Invoice
  • Inventory Tracking Integration Including:
    • Stock Adjustment
    • Reorder Level Reminder
    • Multiple Stock Locations
    • Kit Assemblies (Bill-Of-Materials) Supported
  • Large Service Text Areas Supported
  • Detail Lines May Be Listed In Any Order And May Be Rearranged After Invoice Creation
  • Taxable/Nontaxable Flag For Each Detail Item Printing Of Multiple Pages Per Invoice Supported
  • Previous Payments May Be Included On Printed Invoice To Show Deposits And Current Balance
Purchase Orders:
  • Receive inventory easily with one button
  • Convert an invoice into a purchase order and a purchase order into an invoice
  • Calculates cost averaging automatically based upon purchases
Inventory Control:
  • Multiple Stock Locations Supported (For Multiple Warehouses / Trucks)
  • Reorder Level Trigger
  • Transfer Inventory Between Locations
  • Received Inventory Tracking
  • Unlimited Items Allowed
  • Supports Bar Code Readers
  • Allow Part to be copied to a new part in Inventory
  • Import ADI Price Guide Disk
  • Kit Assemblies (Bill-Of-Materials) Identifies Components Sold As Part Of A Master Item
  • Document Images List Per Item Allows Display Of Graphic Files Pertaining To Each Part (Picture Of Item, Spec Sheets, Diagram, etc. - BMP, GIF, PCX graphic file formats supported)
  • Unlimited Price Levels per Item
  • Unlimited Vendor Tracking and Vendor Item# per Item
  • Complete Item Purchase History Review Within Item Screen
  • Customer List (Many sorts/selections)
  • Service Ticket History
  • Recurring Billing Statistics Report Showing Number of Invoices/Statements Produced and Total Amount of Each for That Billing Period
  • Upcoming Credit Card Charges Report
  • Inventory Reports Including:
    • Reorder Report
    • Sales History (Both Detail And Summary Versions)
    • Current Stock Status (Main Location And Additional Locations)
  • Equipment Installed Report
  • Equipment Repaired/Replaced Report
  • Central Station Disconnect/Reconnect Notices
  • Alarm Incident Report
  • Financial Reports:
    • Cash Receipts Report
    • Invoice History (Revenue) Report
    • Outstanding Balance Report
    • Aging Report
    • Sales Analysis Report
    • Sales Tax Report
    • Monthly Revenue Breakdown Projection
    • Credit Report
  • Rolodex Cards
  • Mailing Labels
Additional Features:
  • Extensive Password Protection Security With Multiple Security Levels
  • Security Profile 'Copy' Feature for Easy User Profile Setup
  • User-Definable Font Selection For Main Program Screens
  • Toolbox Sidebar Allows Users To Easily Access Often-Used Menu Selections
  • Automatic Maintenance Release Update Notifications and Easy Downloads
  • Personalized Interface - Open windows automatically at startup
  • Archive /Purge for Faster Billing
  • Security restrictions on all reports
  • Extensive Mail Merge Area/Customer Inquiry Capabilities
  • User Activity Log
  • Integrates With The Following Software Packages:
    • ADI Price Guide Software
    • Quicken Accounting Software
    • QuickBooks And QuickBooks Pro Accounting Software
    • Rapid Response RapidLink Dealer Access Software
  • Special Clipboard Function For Customer Name/Address
  • Insertion Into Other Windows-Based Programs
  • Open Multiple Screens Of Program At One Time
  • Resizable Windows
  • Uses Windows Printer Drivers Including Fax Drivers And Color Printers
  • Help Desk Log For Aiding Your Staff In Answering Your Customer Technicial Questions
  • Rolodex Section Stores Names, Address And Phone Number Of Associates, Vendors, etc.



Alarm 7 SQL Office Management Software is sold by a combination of account license limits and number of seats (workstations) you require for networking. Our unique 'pay as you grow' pricing makes Alarm affordable to all by just paying the difference in retail price to increase your account level, and additional seats may always be purchased at a later time. We accept VISA, MASTER CARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS, DISCOVER or Check By Fax.

Call Us Today! 1-877-864-5010.

Software Version Description

Alarm 7 SQL Unlimited

Unlimited Accounts 10 Seats


Alarm 7 SQL 5000

5000 Account Limit 5 Seats


Alarm 7 SQL 2500

2500 Account Limit 3 Seats


Alarm 7 SQL 1000

1000 Account Limit 3 Seats


Alarm 7 SQL 500

500 Account Limit 3 Seats


Alarm 7 SQL 200

200 Account Limit 3 Seats

Additional Seats Each Additional Seat License $350

Alarm software license requires the maintenance of an annual support contract.



Alarm 7 SQL Download Center
Resources to assist with your evaluation


Alarm 7 SQL New Features Video Tour


Alarm Software Overview Video Tour


Download Alarm 7 SQL Demonstration Version


Download Alarm 7 SQL Documentation


Alarm 7 SQL Highlights
Top 10 Things To Know About Alarm 7 SQL

  • Recurring billing starts within seconds and supports monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly and annual cycles

  • Unlimited recurring charges per client with different cycles per charge

  • Send bills my mail, email or charge automatically by credit card or EFT (requires merchant service)

  • Database designed to store security related client data including zones, emergency contact list and alarm event history

  • Built-in remote access allows running Alarm at remote locations while accessing data live from your office server

  • Open database connectivity provides your IT staff with powerful SQL capabilities outside of Alarm. We never prevent you from accessing your own data!

  • Alarm 7 SQL is the core product that all other Z-Micro Technologies software integrates with

  • Dealer billing feature supports unlimited subaccounts being billed to a master account

  • SQL database technology same as used by most major corporations worldwide. Robust protection against data failure.

  • Even with all the features inherent in Alarm, still the most intuitive and easy to use interface in the industry

  • About Us

    Z-Micro Technologies provides software solutions to the security industry.
    To learn how our software can provide cost-saving and productivity benefits to your organization call us at 877-864-5010


    • Mobile Field Service
    • Client Online Access
    • Multiple Branch Control
    • Robust SQL Technology


    • Automated Recurring Billing
    • Service Management
    • Inventory Control
    • Proposals and Contracts

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